Fibre Optic TV in Ultra-Spectacluar HD

Bell’s Fibe™ service delivers impeccable HD picture quality, channels you love, easy recording of multiple programs at once, and a unique set of features that make your TV experience even better.

Make The Most Of Your Personal Video Recorder

With the Home PVR included in you bundle, you can set some recordings, play back, pause and rewind live programs on up to 6 TVs.

Control your TVs from your mobile device

Change channels, pause, rewind and play on. Use your tablet and your smartphone like a remote control.

Watch your favourite show with on a mobile device

TV screens, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. Watch your favourite show on your favourite device.

Take control of your TV guide

An indispensable tool for a good management of your tv programming and recording. Your TV guide everywhere and anywhere at your fingertips.

The best TV service is with Fibre Optic bundles

At HDirect we know what you need in terms of entertainment. With Fibre optic TV Plans, you get the best television plans in the City that grant you access to the most popular channels and all the shows you can't miss.

Save more with HDirect than with any other supplier

We always have to heart to make you save even more on your monthly bills.

Our representative lives near you

HDirect is an authorized Bell depositary agent. Contact us and discover attractive discounts and packages to suit your needs. We are proud to provide an exemplary, customized and accessible consulting service.

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